As a YouTuber, should I provide subtitles? Why?

People often ask: as a YouTuber, should I provide subtitles, and why?

This is who I think about it:

As a YouTube creator, providing subtitles is very important.

First, providing subtitles can make your videos more easily searchable and discoverable, because YouTube can recognize the keywords in the subtitles.

Second, some people may prefer to watch your videos by reading subtitles, so they can better understand and remember your content.

And in addition to viewers with hearing loss, non-native English speakers may also choose to understand your videos through subtitles. Therefore, providing subtitles can provide a better viewing experience for your audience, and make your videos reach a wider audience.

Additionally, providing subtitles can help you better convey information and enhance your brand image.

By offering more accessibility options for your audience, you’ll gain more attention and recognition, which can help increase your audience and fan base.

Furthermore, providing subtitles can improve the quality and professionalism of your videos, because it shows that you care about your audience and strive to provide the best viewing experience for them.

Finally, as more and more people watch videos on mobile devices, subtitles can also help them understand your video content more easily in noisy environments. Therefore, as a YouTube creator, providing subtitles can not only help you increase your audience, but also help you establish a high-quality brand image.

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